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i love gymnastics

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Soccer is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fuck all the sports accept basketball

fuck all these sports except for basketball and football and fuck all you fake niggas real talk
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i think its cool that yall have some awesome sports in honduras!!!!!!!!

Cricket is my most favorite game b,con cricket is technical game... nd it is joyful game by every minute ways, various attraction in this game like Bowling, Bating, Fielding, nd also no balls, free hit, catch, six, fours, get enjoy every second... Opn from- Santa Debnath,Tripura,Bishalgarh.
-Santa Debnath

Cricket is my most favorite game b,con cricket is technical game... nd it is joyful game by every minute ways, various attraction in this game like Bowling, Bating, Fielding, nd also no balls, free hit, catch, six, fours, get enjoy every second... Opn from- Santa Debnath,Tripura,Bishalgarh.
-Santa Debnath

Cricket is my most favorite game b,con cricket is technical game... nd it is joyful game by every minute ways, various attraction in this game like Bowling, Bating, Fielding, nd also no balls, free hit, catch, six, fours, get enjoy every second...
-Santa Debnath

I love gymnastics I just got my backhandspring.
-kylee brown

-Alexis George

basketball is not #2 cricket , am footabll , volleyball and tennis most popularer than basketball. basketball just for american and east asia not popular in the world

basketball is not #2 cricket , am footabll , volleyball and tennis most popularer than basketball. basketball just for american and east asia not popular in the world

it only gives you the first 5 when I need the first 10. What kind of website is this?

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There are other sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, wrestling, Tennis, and so on but it seem that no other sport is as popular than cricket where cricket is played. With so much technical stuff, interference of the climate, time consuming and not cheap either. So why so many people are just crazy about cricket? Your take? Cricket was originated in England and if you look around you can clearly notice the fact that cricket is only famous in the countries which were under British rule. That is Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South Africa. But....that is not the only reason why cricket is so popular in these countries. The game of cricket had all the ingredients in it to become a excellent sport to play. 1. It requires skill and it's a enjoyable process to acquire those skills. --------------------------------------... 2. It teaches patience and composure. --------------------------------------... 3. Cricket is a good game to improve your social skills because when you are getting runs, your team mates cheer for you so that you feel like you belong. --------------------------------------... 4. Cricket keeps your mind alert with deciding how you're going to bowl, where you're going to hit the ball, if you have time for another run and whether you can get there in time to catch the ball In the end........we all know how fun it is to smash the ball down the ground or to rip off the middle stump of the batsman. Cheers to cricket.

You are forgetting South Africa. With a population of over 50 million. Rugby is definately in the top 3 if not number 1 in RSA
-Quentin wright

Привет всем.

If gymnastics is a sport than so is cheerleading and cheerleading is more competitive and more dangerous so I think cheerleading should be a sport

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-cranmah williams

What about target shooting? - 15 Olympic events and definitely practiced in a majority of countries in the world...
-S Verdier

I need more information about of all rules, size of field, fouls, how much of time in each move before each points PLEASE.

-erica wyatt

CRICKET is the best forever.
-Souvik Samanta

It's good for homework I used it for homework and it was grat xxx

-Adrianna rice

Very nice site!

Very nice site!

Very nice site!

arsenal rock

hi i like trains

football is the best!!!!!
-kyron jani

football is ace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't see Bhutan on the list. I know not all countries are on the list, but as I am from Bhutan, I really wanted to know.


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SPORTS is one of my favorite hobbies.............. Thanks for intriducing such lovely games..wish to join one time...

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lousy incompeteny losers go rugby
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WTF! rugby all the way mate!

FUCK YOU you Rigged the results where the hell is rugby
-Ethan Rogers

F this website!
-Brandon Benson

skrew cricket, football is where itz at

I love darts and volleyball

These stats on rugby are absolute bollocks! Rugby is also the number one sport in Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and definitely South Africa! None of which make the list for supposed 'top 10 sports' If the whole website is run off shoddy stats like this...
-Dexter T

-Kelsey Cashner

football is better than soccer

i wonder?
-rylee ditzfeld

smart way to choose best.

smart way to choose best.

smart way to choose best.


The main popular game in bangladesh is cricket.
-Ayan Mamun

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basketball is the best sport


Hi here in tx we play badmit too

in my opnion cricket is more populor

I think that running is the best sport ever because it is So enthusiastic and energetic. Plus it is the most popular sport in my country(which is Scotland)
-John Newman

-aleksey daniels

-aleksey daniels

I think football rocks


-sophie and kate

I am from the United States of America and my favorite sport is basketball. My second favorite sport is football.
-Justin Kobler

Why make your leaderboard from the most viewed world competitions such as the football world cup or rugby union world cup PS. Cricket is not a version of softball it is an ancient English sport. Softball and baseball are varients of the original sport rounders.
-sam collyer

Pls let me know which flavours are halal thanks


I don't know where on earth you get your information from, but Rugby is also the number one sport in South Africa and is probably 2nd most popular in Argentina. Maybe do a little more research..
-Luke Hague

AFL rocks peace out

Fuck all of you and your sports

Badminton before swimming? Really?
-Alex M

Soccer is boss

basketball than soccer than lacrosse than football than baseball

-dick show magi

soccer is the best

love this thing! I had to do a report, and this was the only website that gave me the information I needed! :D

Tennis is the best sport
-Bob Johnson

I think soccer and basketball are the best!! Basketball #1 soccer #2 and baseball #3
-Sally McCaller


This is correct! I respect every sport how it is and Soccer (football) is very popular in south america north america central. Asia EVERYWHERE
-Beast Goals

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what are the rules in boxing

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I'm Italian and to say that basketball is more popular than football (soccer) in my country is ridiculous. I know for a fact that football is the most popular sport also in France Argentina and Spain. But is the second one in Japan which baseball is the first


Thank you

Lacrosse is my favorite sport because its a all around gam. In this sport you can hit like hockey and football (But the only thing is yoy can't grab), you run like football and American football , and the plays are just like basketball.
-Terrill Kelly

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1) basket ball

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Hey, wrong information!!!! I'm Bangladeshi and It is like that.... 1. Cricket 2. Football (soccer) 3. wrestling 4. Badminton 5. Golf
-imran hossain

Most popular sports in Australia is Soccer and cricket. 1. Cricket 2. Soccer A lot of website said it.
-Imran hossain


Does China play cricket ?????
-Imran hossain

Cricket is popular in my country.

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motherfuckin indians soccer is the one!!!!

Hurling and Gaelic football should be no 2-3

where is gymnastics popular?
-Kelly Beals

Cricket is my hart

je pense que vous doit aussi ecrire l'annee ou le sport avez commence. I mean that incllude the year that the sport started and where and by who.

I was wondering if Archery is emerging in popularity?

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what is Costa Rica famous sport

i don't even know

Sports that are most practised
-vedishaa foolee

Sports that are practiced most
-vedishaa foolee

Wow, has no body ever looked at how many registered netball players there are? It would beat most if not all the sports listed here but does not get a mention? Obviously this is written by an American male.

Obviously this website is done my an American male. Can't believe they don't even mention or list the most popular women's sport in commonwealth countries. In fact in many commonwealth counties like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand & England there are more registered players than rugby. I'm talking about the game "Netball". For the American male that wrote this, it's like basketball but you can't dribble.


It's the best

It's the best

world no1 sports cricket

Cricket especially T2020 cricket is most entertaining sports in entire world and i just love cricket. I do love Wrestling, Tennis but cricket is above all.
-Nadeem Sharifuddin

I just want to say that horse back riding should be in here. It is a sport. We do more than just sit there and the horse doesn't do all the work. It is in the Olympics. It is done all over the world. We work our butts off. When football players fall they fall like 2inches, we fall more than 5feet. Yeah. They get tackled but we jump fences and can be stepped on by a 1000 pound animal. Their teammate speaks their language when ours can't even speak. Every time we practice we do all the talking. We do know the risks at hand when riding but we do it anyway. When we mess up or fall off we get back on and start again until we get it right. Who's the athlete now?

In my decisions the top 5 sports are (1)Softball (2)hockey (3)basketball (4)snowboarding

cricket is most popular than basketball

Yea where is motocross.

It's fútbol not football
-Ethan Bottesch

Cricket is arguably the second most Popular game , Cricket is the most Popular sport in India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , Afghanistan , Nepal , Zimbabwe , Botswana , Trinidad and Tobago and is also closely followed in many other countries.
-Hishaam tariq

Soccer is da bomme
-Jimmothy Woohoo

I want to know why a pensioner who have served for thirty four years in Nigeria, should be paid only five years pension instead of Pension For Life.
-Samson Oteri

I want to know why a pensioner who have served for thirty four years in Nigeria, should be paid only five years pension instead of Pension For Life.
-Samson Oteri


fail you're so wrong this is the real top 5 1) hurling 2)gaelic football 3)rugby 4)boxing

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I think cricket is 2nd most popular game in the world .. T20 format is becoming more popular .. Besides the countries you have shown ... Italy,hong kong,denmark,uganda and papua new guinea have also taken part in icc t20 world cup 2014
-anmol madaan



Good morning

I want to know the sport there have most players, and how many coutries there are in FIBA, FIFA there are the most popular sport after your knowles?
-Kaj Aabling

I love softball and think Softball is more popular
-Sam Wright

I would think soccer the most ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

I would think soccer the most cause I play soccer ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

-Lauren Vega


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i think that soccer should be in 4th place and football and baseball should be in the first two places

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Soccer sucks Football the greatest sport
-Nicolas Williams

Cricket has been around since before baseball and softball. Please do not reference cricket in the same sentence as those two sports. There are significant difference. It is like calling American Football similar to Soccer.

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i love soccer




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Football is the best,it is the best sport to teach you about life

my favorite sport is wrestling. And my favorite wrestler is Rey mysterio
-Samuel Cadell

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-Daniel Humble

Soccer is at least better than Ice Hockey
-Juanita Vargas

Your fuckin' website sucks so much !
-It's me !

This page is very good for lifes
- k.Rishika

It's amazing how much more Europe and the rest of the world

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Ice hockey
-Joey Vaughan

6. Ty Cobb’s name is retiredTy Cobb (right) was pretty good at baseball. (PHOTO: AP Photo)
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happy Farewell

Football or base ball all day
-jack mahar

Poop soccer is the best much better than American football! :(

Hi, i saw online stores selling steroids, do you think this is legal in USA? Do these steroids work? For example search in google for - prohormones factory - they sell decca legally ! WTF?

olimpics history
-sayanta mitra

cricket is the best


It is a very fun team sport that you can't easily do things by yourself

Cricket is the most popular sport south africa

where is rowing

i love soccer


Great to see Cricket rise in rankings in various countries.

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pls improve it more with words of deep meaning
-Nilomjit Goyary

May Life's brightest joys illuminate your path, and may each day's journey make your dreams come true. I hope you have a very special and Happy Birthday!

Happy diwali
-Jayraj thakor

Happy diwali

happy diwali

Wish you very........happy diwali

may the colours of rangoli and the sound of crackers be just a start to a year full of colorful joys happy moments and unlimited fun happy diwali 2013
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With gleam of diyas, and the echo of the chants, May happiness and contentment fill your life. Best Wishes for you and your family. Happy Diwali! Jitendra Shah
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Happy diwali
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happy diwali

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Have a fantastic Diwali friends! Love you all!

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