Most Popular Sports in Brazil

Football (Soccer)1) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Volleyball2) Volleyball:

Volleyball popularity

Basketball3) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Martial Arts4) Martial Arts:

Martial Arts popularity

Tennis5) Tennis:

Tennis popularity


Thing is, here in Brazil people doesn't like basketball that much. They only care for soccer, and a little bit for voleyball. And we're between the tropics, there's no way to practice winter sports!!!


the maracana held 200,000 people for basketball? and a country that recives no snow has winter sports on the top 10


I'm surprised with this rancking because I took that in Brazil soccer was in the first place, voleiball in second and bascketball n third.


1-soccer, 2-volleyball, 3-marcial arts


this is really wron it's 1- soccer then 2- volleyball! basketball is NOT first!


Water sports? Skateboarding? Winter sports? Hello, we´re a tropical country, it´s hot almost the whole year!!
And volleyball is obviously our #2


Are you nuts??? 1st one Soccer; faaaaaar from the others; What about winter sports??? American Football??? Take care before publishing absurds like this;


Volleyball is probably no 2 and what the hell is doing SKATEBOARDING here?!


wow i didnt know this


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