Most Popular Sports in Croatia

Tennis1) Tennis:

Tennis popularity

Motor Sports2) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity

Cycling3) Cycling:

Cycling popularity

Team Handball4) Team Handball:

Team Handball popularity

Skating5) Skating:

Skating popularity


I'm from croatia and motorsports and cycling are definitely not in the top 1000 sports by popularity in croatia. First is soccer then maybe handball and basketball...everything else is not worth mentioning. I don't know how you got motorsports as nr. 1...and is this popular sports list complete.


Wtf, football not 1, where are these facts plucked from?


In Croatia most popular team sports are soccer, handball, basketball, water polo, ice-hockey, rugby. In indivudual sports most popular are tennis, alpine skiing, swimming, table tennis.


This is bullshit


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