Most Popular Sports in France

Basketball1) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Football (Soccer)2) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Wrestling3) Wrestling:

Wrestling popularity

Motor Sports4) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity

Cycling5) Cycling:

Cycling popularity


where the hell is rugby...


-Stephen Ashlee

Where is footballl, how is it not number one?? This list is a joke


I doubt cycling is more popular that football.


hahahaha football is the most popular sport in France! not ducking basketball! pov cons .|.


whooah??? Basketball is no where near being the most popular sport in France or Germany, not even remotely close. Rugby is very popular in France too (They recently just lost the Rugby world Cup Final) and its not even on the list. Whoever compiled this list is a moron.


You forgot Team Handball, Rugby and Volleyball all 3 are bigger than Wrestling


1. football 2. rugby 3. tennis 4. handball 5. cycling 6. volleyball. rest are insignificant


I don't know where these data come from but wrestling is q completely obscure sport in France.


bande de crétin le sport le plus populaire en france c'est le foot même si c'est désolant !!!!!!!!! (ps: bande d'abrutis)

-aziz belhal

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