Most Popular Sports in Germany

Football (Soccer)1) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Basketball2) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Ice Hockey3) Ice Hockey:

Ice Hockey popularity

Team Handball4) Team Handball:

Team Handball popularity

Golf5) Golf:

Golf popularity


hi said on 2018-04-16 15:09:46:


You are stoopid, this is the 3rd "survey" i watch from you assuring an european nation has basketball as their number 1 sport. Football (soccer) is the number 1 sport in Germany, France and most european countries Basketball is number 1 in Lithiania and Turkey, that,s all!  But you are yankees so you dont know anything about the rest of the world...


Where's Team Handball?


Soccer is the most popular sport in Germany by far..ive lived there for many years...bball is popular, def. second, but not even close to the soccer fanatasism in that country..not even close


I am an American who has lived in Germany and worked with Germans for a year now and it is no question that the number one is Soccer. Second most popular would be smoking. Then Motor Sports (Formula 1 for sure). I have seen interest in Handball, Cycling, Boxing, Winter Sports, and Track and Field as well. There is a pro Ice Hockey League with the most North American players outside of North America, and a Pro Basketball League that attracts some Mid-Major College Level American Talent. When the NFL Europe was here, I understand it did okay, but may have been just as a novelty. For their own participation Jerry plays soccer, handball, badminton, cycling, smoking, spinning, jogging, and elliptical machines.

-p bobby

I would argue that EVERY single entry on this list is wrong. To base it on websites that are only dedicated to one sport is stupid anyway, as most German sports websites cover more than just one sport.


That is ridiculous. Basketball is never the most popular sport in Germany. Believe me.
I am from Germany. It is soccer. And i think stuff like Track and Field, Wintersports, Formula 1, would still be before Basketball.


looool, you are fooling us, basketman^^ i mean we all know that the interest in soccer beats that in basektball hugely!


all other pages say that soccer is undisputedly most popular in germany and handball comes next or so...


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