Most Popular Sports in Indonesia

Football (Soccer)1) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Basketball2) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Wrestling3) Wrestling:

Wrestling popularity

Motor Sports4) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity

Water Sports5) Water Sports:

Water Sports popularity


Don't believe this list either after living there for several years, about the only one they got right is soccer, water sports/cycling? table tennis should definately be in there


I disagree with the basketball reputation in my country. People are much more enthusiastic to support badminton. You may take a look at any major competition of this sport. The sports hall will be full-house. Badminton is actually the second most popular sport in Indonesia. In case of motorsports, it is because of the media coverage. I have my own list of the big-5: 1. Soccer, 2. Badminton, 3. Boxing, 4. Volleyball, and 5. Motorsport. Thank you.

-Tiyo Widodo

Table tennis loses its popularity in recent years. I think the media coverage should be 'responsible' for such back draft. The global popularity of table tennis is also in question.

-Tiyo Widodo

1. Soccer
2. Badminton
3. Basketball
4. Motorsports
5. Boxing

-Yanick Norman

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