Most Popular Sports in Japan

Football (Soccer)1) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Basketball2) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Golf3) Golf:

Golf popularity

Baseball4) Baseball:

Baseball popularity

Motor Sports5) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity


baseball is the most popular in Japan!


It is ridiculous !!! The average attendance at a professional baseball is more than 20,000 and poplular teams are around 40,000 compare to professional basketball league. average attendance at the basketball league is less than 2,000 and the best one is only 2,500 per match.
Nobody knows the basketball comparison, the pro soccer (J league) isĀ  around 10,000 but the national team always packs the studium.


baseball is rediculously popular in japan its got to be 1


Winter Sports?Cycling?

Where are sumo and volleyball?They are more popular than sports like cycling, winter sports, skateboarding, golf or even tennis and martial arts.


baseball is number one by a mile. The J-League (soccer) almost went out of business with the formation of the new MLB rivaling baseball league.

-Joe Strummer

Baseball should be higher. Soccer and baseball are both extremely popular over here.


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