Most Popular Sports in Mexico

Football (Soccer)1) Football (Soccer): By far the most popular sport in Mexico

Football (Soccer) popularity

Boxing2) Boxing:

Boxing popularity

Basketball3) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Baseball4) Baseball:

Baseball popularity

American Football5) American Football:

American Football popularity


Jasmine said on 2017-05-17 19:17:27:

This is just fake! First of all soccer is #1 and boxing is #2!! All of this is wrong!! I went onto this because it was supposed to ¨help¨ me!!! FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!

wrestling is not even a sport I think is more show than sport , I think boxing is the second most popular sport here in México :)


right when i saw soccer at #4 in mexico i knew this website was straight bullshit


The ranking is completely wrong, re-evaluate your algorithm.


Yep, this is wrong and I would know. Soccer is #1 and then boxing is #2 and so on and so on!


this is all wrong soccer is the #1 sport in mexico and in the world


Thanks for all feedback. We are working on improving the algorithm to take average over several years data, so that specific sports events / seasons (or lack of them) do not skew the results.


Very wrong information. I am mexican and I know Soccer is the most popular sport by far.


Thanks for the information, but i think it is a little bit wrong. there is no way that wrestleing is the number one sport in mexico, ask anybody from mexico and they will tell you soccer


This is totally wrong. You can not tell which is the most popular sport in Mexico by checking the webpages that users from Mexico browse the most. The list does not indicates what people
from Mexico like to follow or watch. The people from Mexico go to the Stadiums following the Soccer. The people from Mexico turn on their TVs to watch Soccer. This site should be named "Most popular sports by country according to Internet... (ranks may vary in real life)". You are trying to mesure distance with a thermometer.


I am from Mexico and I do not think that people like wrestling better than soccer. Soccer is in everyones life while wrestling is harder to notice, before I saw this, I thought wrestling would be at place 8 at least..


1.Football (soccer)

3.American football (Gridiron)
Iam Mexican ;)

-D Amst

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