Most Popular Sports in Pakistan

Cricket1) Cricket:

Cricket popularity

Field Hockey2) Field Hockey:

Field Hockey popularity

Football (Soccer)3) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Wrestling4) Wrestling:

Wrestling popularity

Squash5) Squash:

Squash popularity


cricket is the most popular thats 100% right no doubt...but hockey is the 2nd popular game in pakistan........ cant say about wrestling and soccer...


 cricket is most famous game in Pakistan.


thanks for the feedback Bakhtawar. Actually, field-hockey is not well represented in Alexa traffic stats (the stats we use to compute sports popularity) as other sports (wrestling - wwe related websites and fifa websites are much more frequently visited by users in Pakistan than field-hockey websites). We are working on finding sports popularity data by using more methods (not just website traffic stats) and the lists should be updated soon.


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