Most Popular Sports in South Africa

Football (Soccer)1) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Water Sports2) Water Sports:

Water Sports popularity

Cricket3) Cricket:

Cricket popularity

Motor Sports4) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity

Cycling5) Cycling:

Cycling popularity


what about rugby people


hey i would like to say that this list is rather wrong..
soccer would be number 1, as these are mostly poor blacks who play.. who dont have internet etc, but waaay more then any other sport 'watch' or 'play' soccer.

rugby is not even on the list and that would be our second most popular defnitely.. soooo i really dont think this thing works.

especially seeing rugby aint on the top 5 one.


 I m Indian and i want to know , What is more popular in S.Africa Cricket(t20), soccer or Rugby.

-mahesh patil

this is Africa, not Europe, so in most african countreis soccer is the most popular sport. stop your crap and give us the correct result, this is bulshit


What the hell? Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world,  the rugby world cup is the biggest sporting event in the world after the olympics and the soccer world cup. Why is this not featured on your site?



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