Most Popular Sports in Sweden

Football (Soccer)1) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Ice Hockey2) Ice Hockey:

Ice Hockey popularity

Rugby3) Rugby:

Rugby popularity

Motor Sports4) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity

Tennis5) Tennis:

Tennis popularity


My ranking would be:
Track and Field


If this is based on visits to websites, you really need to say which websites. I suspect you've chosen the wrong ones because apart from the first two in your list the rest is all wrong :)

According to Swedish television, actual attendance at sporting events ranks as follows:

1. Soccer
2. (Ice) Hockey
3. Speedway
4. Bandy
5. Handball
6. Floorball (Innebandy)
7. Basketball
8. Volleyball


Wintersports(alpine, cross-country, biathlon) is quite easily #3 after Soccer and Hockey when it comes to casual following and TV ratings. When it comes to actually playing, golf and floorball are very big. Tennis is far and away the biggest faller. Websites are not a good measurement for Sweden, since Swedish media is based around two-three large outlets that cover just about everything in sports.


How can you have both football and soccer in different places on the same list?


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