Baseball Rules

Basic rules

Baseball is also called the hardball game. There are two teams involved, each having 9 players. Baseball: Cather, Batter The primary equipments required are a bat, ball, gloves and protective gear. The square field is called diamond formed by 4 bases, 3 cushions and the home plate. The members of the fielding side are located at their specific positions in the field. A member of a team, the pitcher, located on the mound, throws the ball and the batter of the opposite team hits it with the bat. The pitcher tries to get the hitter out by attempting to throw the ball to the catcher - a member of his team - in a way that the batter misses it or hits it wrongly. A catcher bends on the opposite side of the home plate. The other players stand on the infield, facing the home plate. During the process of running between the bases, the player can halt in any base and wait for the next hit. And when a player crosses all four bases a run is scored. Batting of any team is referred to as an inning and a professional game contains 9 continuous innings. The team that scores more runs is declared as the winning team.

Baseball field

The baseball field is bordered by the foul lines and the area between them is the main field to play. Baseball Field The fair territory is the area within the foul lines which forms an angle of 90 degrees. Infield covers the area from the bases up to some yards distance. There are 4 infielders: first baseman, second baseman, shortstop and fourth baseman. The pitcher's mound is in the center of the infield and made of rubber plates in a rectangular shape. Outfield is the area externally to the infield and is separated by railings of variable heights. There are 3 outfielders: left, right and center fielder.


The necessary equipments include protective helmets, a bat, gloves and a ball. The size of a standard baseball is about 9 inches. The baseball is made of a rubber or cork cloth, which is wound with threads and covered with cowskin. The color of a baseball is typically white with red strips. Wood is used for making the bat. The bat is a rounded stick of 1.25 inches radius equipped with a handle and a knob on the top. Baseball Equipment The length of the bat is variable in the range of 34 inches to 42 inches. The pair of gloves is useful for protecting your hands from sweat. The mitt, a sort of glove created for the purpose of catching the baseball, is made of cushioned leather and has webbing where the fingers are. They may have different shapes according to the need of specific fielding places.


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