Cricket Rules

Basic rules

The rules of the game are governed by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), club that gained the copyright of rules. There are five key-elements in playing cricket: batting, bowling, fielding, catching and wicket-keeping.

Cricket Stadium
The game is played on a grassy field over a pitch which is centrally located. There are two teams (each of eleven players). A team has 5-6 batsmen, 4-5 bowlers, 1 wicket-keeper and a captain. The player who is an expert both as a batsmen and a bowler is called all-rounder. After a toss between the captains, one team decides to bat (that is hitting a cricket ball with a bat to score runs till 10 players get dismissed) till they score as much as they can (the points scored are called runs), while the opponent bowls (that is throwing the ball toward the wicket; the wicket is made up of 3 tall wooden stumps and 2 short sticks placed on the stumps called bails). The batting team will play until the set of balls thrown by the opponent team are available or the opponent team dismisses the batsmen. After the first team is through with the batting, they switch to bowl and the bowling team switches to bat in order to catch up points with batting team. Whoever scores more is the winner of the game.

While playing, two batsmen come to pitch with one facing the ball and the other standing on the bowler side. If the batsman hits the ball directly to the boundary of the ground without getting tipped over the ground, its a direct score of six runs (points) for the batting team. But if the ball is tipped before the boundary line and reached boundary, its four runs. The number of times the players run is the score they make for the respective ball. On the other hand, if the bowler hits the wicket directly with the ball, the batsman is out (dismissed). The other conditions which lead to the dismissal of batsman includes a direct out, run out, or leg before wicket.


Cricket ball

The equipment is based on: a red or white ball with cork, wrapped in rope covered with leather; the standard circumference of the ball has 23cm (9inches); a wooden bat of 38 inches (96.5cm) long and 4.25inches wide (10.8cm); three wooden poles called stumps, bails, a sight screen - a screen placed at equal distance from the width of the pitch and at the back of the two pairs of wickets and last, a rope defining the size of the field called boundary.

Cricket Stumps

As far as clothing, cricket players use: T-shirt with collar, long pants, a jockstrap, abdomen guard (while batting), sun hats or special cricket caps, helmets (batsmen, wicket-keepers and fielders very close to the bat), special shoes; thigh, arm, elbow and chest guards; gloves geared to batsmen and gloves made for wicket-keepers.


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