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Gully Cricket

The best national teams that are involved in cricket are from: England, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, India and New Zealand.

There are both men and women cricket clubs and national teams. Some of the major clubs are: Colchester, Darwin (England), Melbourne (Australia) and Parnell (New Zealand).

Just like in old days, cricket is played for five days. It is the most common form. This form is known as Test Match. The other form has got a limitation of bowling to 50 overs (300 balls per team) and is known as One Day Internationals (ODI). The newest form of cricket discovered is the twenty-20 cricket with a bowling limit of 20 overs (120 balls per team).

World Cups have been organized by ICC every four years and even though the first three championships were held in England, as of lately, the host countries that have been so far: India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, West Africa and West Indies. The total prize money for T20 championship 2010 was 2,500,000 USD.

According to 2009 polls, the first three best paid cricket players are: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (8 million USD), Sachin Tendulkar (8 million USD) and Yuvraj Singh (5.5 million USD). They all belong to the Indian team.


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