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Besides national tournaments for each country, there are also continental and world competitions. For continental championships, national teams play against each other divided in groups within their continental area. The best teams - usually the 1st and 2nd in each group - meet and play for another round of groups, 16th-finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. That phase decides the winner of that tournament. As far as World Cup championships, national teams play with each other within their continental area and again, the best teams meet up at the World Cup tournament to decide who the best is. These tournaments are organized every four year. Some of the world''s men best teams are: Brazil, Italy, Argentina, England, France, Germany, Spain, or Portugal. Both continental and World Cup competitions are organized every four years.

On the clubs level, there are national and continental tournaments. The most famous European competitions are: Champions League and Europa League, where top 5 clubs of each country can participate. There are qualifier matches and group ones. In South-America, there are 2 competitions: Copa Libertadores - for clubs, and Copa America - for countries, including Central-American ones. In Africa, Africa Nations Championship is the most famous. Asia''s popular tournaments are Asian Cup and Challenge Cup. All these competitions are annual. Some of the most successful famous club teams are Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Steaua Bucharest, Juventus Torino and the list continues. Lionel Messi (Argentina), who plays for FC Barcelona, has become the highest paid player, according to the French newspapers.

Maximum prize at World Cup 2010 is $30,000,000 that the winning team will get. The winner of 2008 European Cup, Italy, received €7.5,000,000. Champions League awarded 2010 winner club Inter Milan €9,000,000.


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