Golf Trivia

Ball ClubNowadays one can find golf courses all over the world. They are usually developed close to hotels and business centers. Generally, they are a hallmark of prosperity. Golf is a pretty exclusive game, with less than 1% of the world population playing it. Countries with the most courses per capita are England, Sweden, the United States, Wales and Canada. From this list one can draw the conclusion that golf is kind of an English-speaking world. In a way it's true, but one can play it also in Greenland or Samoa.

Here are the top major golf championships for men: the Masters Tournament (in Georgia), the US Open and the PGA Championship, all in the United States, as well as the British Open. Media partners are major television networks like NBC, ABC, CBS and the BBC.

A few top golfers make in excess of one million dollars per year. But exceptional Tiger Woods made some 70 million dollar in 2004 alone, according to Forbes. Golf has quite high TV ratings. This year the Masters attracted 13.8 million American viewers over the weekend.


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