Ice Hockey is the most popular sport in 6 countries, with a combined population of more than 73460000.

The countries are:
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Belarus
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • Norway

Ice Hockey is one of the top three favorite sports in 6 countries, with a combined population of more than 128520000.

The countries are:
  • Uzbekistan
  • Sweden
  • Slovakia
  • Latvia
  • Russian Federation
  • Germany

Ice Hockey is one of the top 10 sports in 4 countries, with a combined population of more than 490320000.

The countries are:
  • United States of America
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mexico

Ice Hockey is is also a popular sport in 1 countries, with a combined population of more than 92330000.

The countries are:
  • Philippines

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