Most Popular Sports in America

Tennis6) Tennis: Next in the list is Lawn-Tennis - a sport in which the United States has had a glorious record.

Tennis popularity

Golf7) Golf: Golf is the next most popular sport in the USA, with Tiger Woods arguably the most popular contemporary Golf figure in the world.

Golf popularity

Wrestling8) Wrestling: Pro-wrestling is the next most popular sport in United States.

Wrestling popularity

Motor Sports9) Motor Sports: Motor Sports (auto-car and motorcycle racing) come next in the list. Motor Sports became famous in America in a very small span of time after getting introduced as an official sport. NASCAR is the biggest organisation in USA, which organises motor sports races. As of 2011, it was the second most watched sports on television in America (after Football). There is a very popular museum in the USA named as Motor Sports Hall of Fame.

Motor Sports popularity

Badminton10) Badminton: Badminton got estabished in 18th centuary in America. It has very strong roots with a rich history in this country. The first club for badminton was formed in 1878 and with time many institutes started offering badminton training.

Badminton popularity

Cricket11) Cricket: Cricket is slowly becoming popular in United States, partly due to the Asian immigrants in the country. The United States national Cricket team has also done well at the interntional level (among the non-test playing nations). Another reason for the growing popularity of Cricket in the country is that it is the closest in form to Baseball and the reduced format of the game (T20 cricket) has made it more accessible and easy to take up.

Cricket popularity

Volleyball12) Volleyball: Volleyball is among the top 5 most popular sports among American girls, more so among school going students. Volleyball is the one of the most popular passtime at beaches.

Volleyball popularity

Adventure Sports13) Adventure Sports:

Adventure Sports popularity

Water Sports14) Water Sports: The huge coastline in the country has made water sports of various kinds very popular as a hobby as well as a competitive level in the USA.

Water Sports popularity

Running15) Running:

Running popularity


Get your facts right - Badminton was established in British India and later in England. America wasn't even a founding member of the IBF... (sources at bottom of article)


How was this data compiled? Website rankings? Polls? Ticket Sales? Merchandise sales? Qualitative guesses? I'd be very interested in the source. Thanks!





all the butt hurt comments defending their favorite sport need to give it a rest, this list is trying to compile facts, not opinions or tastes. American football is, far and away the most popular sport in America, and if you separate ncaa from nfl then it's almost the top two. Just because it's the most popular doesn't make it the best, although in this case it is, just look at music, ducking Mariah Carey has had more number one ( most popular ) hits than anyone else, and especially on this sports site I don't think many will try to assert that that makes her the best. As for nascar and golf being sports, of course they are. They both take insane skill ( anyone can drive/ hit a golf ball, just like anyone can throw a football, but we see how many people can do it well enough to reach the pinnacle), and both take athletic ability to compete at that level. In my opinion hockey SHOULD be the number two sport, but it's not so I don't argue with facts. And come on, lacrosse in the top five? Yea right, lacrosse is terrible, hit the rink instead and play a game in hockey that supersedes any and all of the draws of lacrosse... lacrosse? come on


BOXING IS THE BEST SPORT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

-KSHITIJ kapil

Nice to see footbal beat baseball.

-Sarcastic Quotes

"America"? It's UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA you know), or are both continents represented by the flag of the USA?

-Guy from EU

Is soccer really that popular? Are there statistics to back this up? I can't remember the last time I heard about a soccer game, but tennis and MMA, yes, I've definitely heard buzz about them.


I know for a fact rugby is more popular in the US than Squash.




Uhmmm this article must be old!! Football is #1....duh.


This is top 20 in AMERICA not in the world so shut you mouth you dumb frenchy


do we know how to say illegal alien


Baseball has way passed the American pastime. 


You Got This About Right. Football By A Mile Is Way Better. I Don't Know Why It Is The Number 10 Sport In The World. More People Watch The Super Bowl Than Any Other Sport Event Including The World Series(baseball) Finals(basketball) Wrestlemania(wwe) BCS Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl etc. (college Football).Soccer Golf E're Thang Bitches.


nope you got it all wrong soccer then softball then basketball then cheerleading


because football is only really popular in the states duurrrrr. other countries dont like watching gay men in tights slapping each others asses, and doing gay stuff like that.


based upon attendance each season ,  baseball would be #1.


I'm wondering if you are taking collegiate athletics into consideration, because the top 3 most popular sports are obviously football, basketball, and then baseball in that order. No one watches collegiate baseball, but the followings of collegiate football and basketball are maybe the largest sports followings in the US.


Actually, NASCAR is more of an activity. What defines a sport is that the sport gives you physical activity (not necessarily Cardiovascular). NASCAR requires no physical workout unless if you count getting angry after you loose. And even if something does give you physical activity or aim/coordination does not define it as a sport. Take acting. Acting is not a sport, it is acting. Chess is a game, not a sport, same with bowling and golf. 
The Greek term for sport is Αθλητισμός (athlitismos), a direct cognate with the English terms "athlete" and "athleticism." Sorry, but NASCAR is not a sport.


WHAT IS SQUASH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


This is nonsense. NASCAR is the 2nd most popular sport(and it is a sport). This poll is either bias or bullshit...wait, same thing. 

-Akemi Mokoto

When did you write this article ?


because everyone else in the world sees it as a wussy version of rugby, which has twice the physical contact without pads and no breaks every 10 seconds. not to mention only about 309 million people watch american football where as 6 billion tune in to watch futebol. 


Judging by the amount of attention each sport receives by the media and people in general, I would assume the most popular sports in the US are (in order): football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, boxing/mma, nascar, skateboarding/bmx, soccer, surfing, snowboarding/skiing, cycling, swimming, volleyball... and the rest are barely on the radar.


Then you do not know shit about NASCAR. It is an extremely physical SPORT and requires a lot of training. During an entire race, a driver can lose a few pounds, depending on how difficult the track and how hot it is.( Despite the stupid ass belief that it is NOT a sport, it actually is a sport and if you bother reading the sports section of your local news paper or reading any sports website's NASCAR section, you'd know that. It is a sport. Educate yourself.

-Akemi Mokoto

What about Lacrosse guys


How is cricket higher than volleyball


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