Most Popular Sports in Australia

Australian Football1) Australian Football:

Australian Football popularity

Rugby2) Rugby:

Rugby popularity

Cricket3) Cricket:

Cricket popularity

Football (Soccer)4) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Tennis5) Tennis:

Tennis popularity

Basketball6) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Cycling7) Cycling:

Cycling popularity

Wrestling8) Wrestling:

Wrestling popularity

Motor Sports9) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity

Baseball10) Baseball:

Baseball popularity


ben said on 2019-05-20 00:48:20:


I put needles into my testicles


australian rules football not american football maybe number 1


Not that I follow rugby (AFL fanatic), but I seriously don't think the organisers of this website have any idea that a game like rugby exists, check out sth africa and new zealand, doesn't mention rugby when one might be forgiven into believing it is a religion in those two countries, and cricket, no. 10, I seriously dount that as well. Baseball? what? more popular than cricket? and where's netball? Actually this list is a load of rubbish


Football? Which Football? We have four (4) kinds here; Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Football (Soccer).

"Soccer" would barely be in the top five (5) sports in Australia (and wouldn't if you include swimming, tennis, running and cycling).

"Aussie Rules", or "AFL" or "Australian Rules Football" is probably the dominant football code right now, and maybe sport in total.

Cricket and Soccer/Association Football are the two (2) major sports with an Country wide following, of which Cricket would have the larger profile (and TV numbers and following of the national team).  The fact that baseball is above cricket shows this list can't be believed.  

Rugby League would have to be the second most popular football code. 

"Soccer would be the third most popular football code.

Rugby Union would have to be the fourth most popular football code.

Team Sports, I'd go (something) like this;

1. Cricket
2. AFL
3. Rugby League
4. Soccer
5. Rugby Union
6. Basketball

As to where you'd put swimming, running, fishing and cycling into that mix, who knows...

-N M Scott

obviously the list is a little incorrect but i'll forgive as most Aussies will use sites that accomodate more then 1 sport eg one or It is surprising that Horse racing is not in the top 17? The Melbourne cup is huge, Black Caviar has done amazing things over the past year or so and Aussies love a punt. Also I believe netball is the most popular sport in Aus for women. Reading the comments makes me realise this list is crap. I found the fox sports ratings and rwc dominated this year but cricket bbl is also doing really well so i don't know what 'csmith6' is on about? This list is rubbish how did you get so highly prised on google?


Wownim from aus and honestly what are these guys smoking, basketball would be much lower than soccer rugby and afl which are the top three followed by cricket and tennis


 the list should start with Rugby and 


It says at the top "The data is based on which sports websites internet users from Australia browse the most."


for me Cricket Afl and Nrl are the biggest sports in Australia. Who dosent watch the cricket and have a barbie on aussie day? Its a shame that people dont watch much football here but everyone does go crazy when ever australia is involved in any sport at a world cup or some sort of ashes series.


I do not agree with Wrestling being ranked 5ht, nor martial arts at 6th, nor boxing. 

I can see Skateboarding being a popular sport, but not an audience sport.

Looking at the chanells now, I think fishing would be a popular spectator as well as popular participant sport.

I do not get the winter sports category - that could mean anything.  Rain watching?  Walking the dog in the rain?


I think correct order would be:
Cricket(followed by all country in summer)
footy(Aussie rules football )(not the most popular sport in NSW and Queensland)
Rugby league(most popular sport in NSW and queensland)
Rugby union(There is no national league instead people follow Super 15 :sort of international club rugby)
Basketball (most popular with women)

This is based on many discussions on sites with aussies and general surfing over two years.I thought it would be better to put this here.



Are you aware that there are two (2) types of Rugby? Rugby League and Rugby Union?

-N M Scott

Thanks for pointing out A1harro. Currently in our database, Rugby, Footy and American football are all listed as "American Football". (Someone also pointed out on the new zealand page). We'll soon separate the stats for these sports and then the pages should show the correct sport. Meanwhile, all of these sports will be simply listed as "Football".


crickt is popoular 


this list has football as being all codes but soccer, i think. and @Xaocam, from every person i know, cricket is dying in australia. 


I imagine if you include websites that are for triathlon gear you'd get an even higher hit rate than baseball....really? I'm not going to repeat all of the below as there is no need, and it is all true. I don't think these are actual results, and if they are you need to find better websites in which to get the news. Most Australians probably just go to nine.msn sports to get a total you really aren't getting the right picture when you narrow down to a specific website category. Who looks up a specific website on the swimming team?

I honestly think if you want a good picture of Australian sports you look at the web-betting sites. Horse racing would be right up there stops the nation! 


so which is the most popular in Australia? which is the sport that australians like more watch?: Australian Rules Football or Cricket? I think Australian rules football is better but is just my opinion :)


what kind of child wrote this webpage. i am heartily surprised it came up at the top of the google hitlist. seriously? you put all codes of football under the one heading?

and another thing. how do you acertain what sport has more fans? by attendance? where do you get these figures. you haven't cited anything about the data you collected. did you include ametuer attendance to which you point out makes soccer so popular?

please enlighten me!


Cricket and Rugby not in the top five? But wrestling is? Your statistics mean nothing


Err, Aussie rules is the most popular sport in Australia, followed by cricket, followed by rugby league, and then rugby union. 


mate, rugby is by far the most popular in aus, yet its not even there???


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