Most Popular Sports in Canada

Winter Sports6) Winter Sports:

Winter Sports popularity

Tennis7) Tennis:

Tennis popularity

Wrestling8) Wrestling:

Wrestling popularity

Motor Sports9) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity

Golf10) Golf:

Golf popularity

Cricket11) Cricket:

Cricket popularity

Martial Arts12) Martial Arts:

Martial Arts popularity

Cycling13) Cycling:

Cycling popularity

Skateboarding14) Skateboarding:

Skateboarding popularity

Running15) Running:

Running popularity


I would had thought that Football would had been in 4th, after all, we do have a Canadian Football League


so far Hockey is the most popular sport here in Canada but then comes Canadian football, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Winter sport, Boxing/Martial arts, Soccer, Softball, ...
I've never seen any cricket game happen in Canada, neither on tv, I even doubt if there's any field cause I've never seen

-Moraud Sonia

Cricket sucks, never seen it played in Canada no way at number 4


This is dead wrong. I work in market research. I make 80k a year to know what to show in my companies restaurants and casinos to attract people. I have more data avaliable to me than whoever runs this crappy site.

1. NHL
2. CFL
3. NFL

NBA comes in at 9th. Behind not only the 3 I already mention but soccer, curling, UFC and so on. However it is extremely popular amongst younger Canadians (under 25) who are the internet users which is why it is so highly searched. However in general support by the Canadian population (outside of Southern Ontario) it is 9th.

-Joe Strummer

Those who haven't seen Cricket played in Canada must be...........? There are over 100 grounds just in Toronto area. It is played in all provinces. The Canadian team is participating in the world cup 2011 as we speak. It's popularity is growing by hours.


Go hockey!!!!!!!!!!


Basketball at #2?  Hard to believe.  Everyone I know loves the NFL, and could care less about basketball.  Maybe in Toronto since they have the Raptors, but other than that...


I absolutely love water sports and it is very last on the list.  I already knew that hockey was the 1st famous sport. : (


...lacrose isnt even mentioned?


lacrose sucks

-Your MOM

I personally dislike football and find it hard to believe that the comments could even consider it being a higher ranking.


when was this last updated?


I think Football should be in second as we have the Canadian Football League, and the Grey Cup is the most popular game to go to, next to the Stanley Cup ( If it's in Canada). But I can understand Basketball too, we did create it, and we have a lot of university teams, and the Raptors, but I still don't think it should be second.

-S. Calimo

hey what about larosse


cuz it sucks


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