Most Popular Sports in China

Basketball1) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Football (Soccer)2) Football (Soccer):

Football (Soccer) popularity

Badminton3) Badminton:

Badminton popularity

Table Tennis4) Table Tennis:

Table Tennis popularity

Baseball5) Baseball:

Baseball popularity

Rugby6) Rugby:

Rugby popularity

Cricket7) Cricket:

Cricket popularity


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ryan said on 2018-02-26 20:02:14:


Idk said on 2017-11-10 16:41:38:


Badminton and Table Tennis are the most popular sports in China. Where did this website got the wrong information?

-Rui Costa

You should make a poll before giving any standings!!

Hockey (Ice and Field) are very niche sports in China.And you forget volleyball.This sport was the most watched in China during the Olympic Games 2008!



 This is completely untrustworthy and bullcrap. I bet they got their information from the nearest asian guy they saw in America...


isnt there any racquet sport in china


1. Table Tennis 2. Badminton 3. Basketball 4. Soccer/football 5. Gymnastics. Get your facts right...


table tennis is most popular


isnt there a racquet sport in china


this is some BS


you guys are very stupid

-Sara Explornet

that is very true they compete in table tennis very seriously but basket ball is huge there


I agree with you, except with soccer, soccer is extremely popular there (I was there during the World Cup, nobody talk about other thing other than the World Cup and everybody cheers for a european soccer club there), I think it's tied with basketball as the most popular sport there.
Aside that yes, table tenis is much more popular than american football or hockey there.


BS!  Baseball, Football and Hockey in China??????????? The national sport in China is table tennis, followed by badminton and volleyball. 


its obviously Lawnmower racing
Toilet Racing
Bed Racing


Lies!!!!! Table tennis it's number one!!!


this is absolutely wrong..there is no way that soccer, football and hockey are more popular in China than ping pong and badminton, it's just not true. They definitely follow ping pong and badminton more than the bottom 3 sports listed here




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