Most Popular Sports in United Kingdom

Golf6) Golf: Another popular game in the U.K. is golf. It is played mainly in England and Scotland and in Scotland there are more than 400 golf courses. U.K. golf is maintained and supervised by the Professional Golfers Association and the biggest tournament in the U.K. is the Golf Open Championship.

Golf popularity

Baseball7) Baseball: Like many of today's most popular sports, the contemporary game of Baseball that is among United State's most popular sports, is considered to have originated in England. British Baseball is a related sport which is similar to the game of rounders and is popular in Wales as well as England.

Baseball popularity

Basketball8) Basketball:

Basketball popularity

Field Hockey9) Field Hockey:

Field Hockey popularity

Wrestling10) Wrestling:

Wrestling popularity

Motor Sports11) Motor Sports:

Motor Sports popularity

Martial Arts12) Martial Arts:

Martial Arts popularity

Water Sports13) Water Sports:

Water Sports popularity

Cue Sports14) Cue Sports:

Cue Sports popularity

Darts15) Darts:

Darts popularity


where is rugby?


erm this does not seem very scientific - American football and basketball are minority sports in the uk. Since your survey doesn't really match a country I know about, I wonder if I should trust what you say about countries I don't know about. Probably a better way to do your survey would be to have a look at which sports main news sites focus on the most.

I would say in the UK it goes something like this: Footbal (soccer)......[big gap]....Cricket, Rugby....Tennis....then sports like athletics, cycling, darts, cue sports [mainly snooker]..another gap... Basketball, mma, American football, table tennis and other obscure sports.  


You seem to have missed rugby completely. It is huge - not just in the UK - but worldwide. Way more popular than baseball and basketball. The World Cup is watched by billions.


You must have american football confused with rugby or something and as for basketball and baseball ... I don't know why they're there seeing as we don't even have professional leagues for them.


This is not accurate. Rugby is NOT even in the list. huh?!


Baseball more popular than cycling, running or hockey?  Bollocks.


where're rugby league and rugby union?!


britian does not plat baseball professional so I cant see how it can be in the top 10


This website is a discraceful mix of misinformation.
For a start you cant put the UK as one, for instance in Wales the number 1 sport is Rugby Union, whereas in England the number 1 sport is soccer (football).
In Northern Ireland the GAA sports (Hurling and Gaelic football) are more popular.

Either Way Soccer (Football), Rugby Union, Rugby League and Cricket would probably be the most popular sports across the board, not the un-informed list this website presents


Your data omits equestrianism where Britain 3.5 million people ride each year in an industry worth £3.57 Billion and in which the Brits won 226 medals in International competition between 2000 and 2008 (latest data available)  It is estimated that 4 billion people will watch the equestrian events at the Olympics.  Suggest you review your figures


 Very good. I like ur comment. I m Indian like cricket n live for cricket.

-mahesh patil

Football (soccer to the dicks) is 1. Cricket 2.
Hockey not ice hockey joint 6. Golf 4. Runing 5. Boxing 6. Motorsports 7. Tennis 8. Cycling 9. Water sports 11. Darts 10. Martial arts 12. Winter sports 13. Rounders 14. Skateboarding 15. Wrestling 16. American football not on list. Rugby should be joint 2.


As far as team sports watched 1)Football (Soccer) 2) combined Rugby Union and Rugby League 3)Cricket...if you dont combine both rugby codes then cricket is number 2
after that its a long long drop to Basketball and Ice Hockey. Baseball??????? Nobody At All plays Baseball in the UK, its never even been shown on minor channels... where the hell did you get this information, your possibly getting it mixed up with rounders which is sometimes  played in junior (age 7-11) schools. 


Outdated, and where the hook is rugby you tool!!!!! AND AMERICAN FOOTBALL AT 8?? Are you drunk?


Baseball more popular than cricket in the UK? The information/date on this website is DEFINITELY NOT reliable. Terrible website. Goodbye.


I completely agree, Bbbb. In fact, they even put football in this list twice. It's in position 1 as "Soccer" and position 7 as "Football". If this website were made by an American, it shows. I think he has written baseball instead of rounders or something.


hopefully cricket will become no-1 in next few years,becoz our football alwaz let us down in world cups
beckham and rooney are pig and gay whereas flintoff and peitersen are our heroes


I bet this website was made by an American


Unless you're from the UK; like myself. I'd say you're being rather stereotypical...
Also, if you read the top, it says 'most viewed websites in the UK' not most popular, just because we view the type of topic doesnt make it what we watch/favorite the most.


 were the duck is rugby?


Whoa!! Cricket's in 15th place!!! It should be in the 2nd place!!TERRIBLE WEBSITE

-Shyam Sundar

I am not a fan of rugby, but its not even on the list!!!!!


This website is awful I'm sorry. Baseball is not more popular than cricket here! Not sure were you got your false information from.

-Chris Mather

Do these people even know that rugby exists??? Its easily the second most popular in the uk!!!


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