How are the sports rankings computed?

Popularity Definition

One of the important factors to consider is - whether we are interested in number of fans (who follow the sport), or number of people who actually play the sport regularly. We presently give you an analysis of sports popularity by number of fans who follow the sport (and not necessarily play it).

Countrywise Data

The rankings in individual countries are based upon daily number of internet visitors to websites dedicated to a particular sport. (Thus, websites like,, etc. are taken into consideration while websites like are not considered. We use the top websites in over 30 sports categories for the analysis.) The rankings may not be 100% accurate due to two factors - the internet users in a country may not represent the general population perfectly and second, the sample data we use (Alexa rankings) may not be 100% accurate representation of what the internet users visit.

Worldwide Rankings

The worldwide popularity rankings take into account the population of countries and are based on general surveys/discussions on the internet. We will be putting up the detailed statistics for all rankings and also coming up with multiple methods to measure sports popularity more accurately soon. Please feel free to express your opinion about the rankings!

Why are some events not listed?

We have tried to include every major sport in our rankings, including different versions of some popular sports. As a policy, we exclude any event in which animals may be harmed or which may involve some other form of cruelty. We hope that you appreciate that a sport is one in which all participants willingly play and enjoy the game rather than suffer. In case you know of a major sport that you would like to see in the list, please let us know in the comments or the contact form. Thank you for supporting us in the cause for cruelty free sports!

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